Action Reimagined | Action Consulting

Radically changing the way action influences storytelling, pre-vis, the production pipeline and the movie goers’ experience. You’ll never think of action in the same way again.



Our multi-disciplined action designers solve your action-story integration needs. We join with you at the start of your project in order to address your action problems by bringing a creative, innovative, one-of-a-kind custom plan to your project. Whatever your action goals are, we develop, create, and design the most effective action plan outline to meet them. Our services are virtual and extend beyond.

Action is Storytelling

Why is it vital to have an Action Designer?
How action design is defined varies from production to production and to other media industries, however how you convey your storytelling with action is valuable for your target audience. Since 1997 Smashcut Action has been creating original action designs from elaborate martial arts fights and historical battle sequences to high octane car chases and crashes, yes – we do it all!


R&D | Strategy | Consultation (Planning, Preparing and Executing)

Every project begins with: “ACTION!”
We’ll develop and design the best action plan for each individual action scene. From designing the sequences to scheduling and executing, we can guide productions to the most efficient or effective approach to getting the sequence on film.

We create a custom action plan based on genre and total budget of the project. Cost prohibitive decisions from both the creative and financial prospectives perspective of each project.

With early access to the most cutting edge action ideas and concepts, each production will be assured they are making the most sound action decisions for their projects right from the start.

Script | Scene Breakdown

Engage your Audience
We help writers with the ins and outs of how stunts and VFX work for your story – we can break down the action at hand. We make sure the action desired is telling the best story possible. Plus, we offer options that may make for better storytelling.

2nd Unit | Action Directing and Stunt Coordinating

We Optimize the Quality of the Project
We guide productions and recommend the action professional best suited for the requirements of each individual project.

VFX | Previsualization (Computer animated action sequence)

Your Action Plan
Smashcut Action will provide guidance from the most current creative action minds in the entertainment industry to help drive the previz to be the most exciting and innovative sequence possible, complete with a practical plan of execution based on the constraints of each individual production. We bridge the gap by bringing a clear and concise action scene with VFX studios.

Action Design | Action Choreography

Preparation is Key
Preparation and planning are the two most important ingredients to filming a successful action sequence. We offer prep training and action performers with our sister or subsidiary company, ATLAS (Atlanta Action Specialists). ATLAS provides a team of top-notch stunt professionals as well as a state of the art research and design facility to design, choreograph and test any action desired. In addition, we infuse our design with practical action in our concepts/works.

Action Editing | Audience Connection

Meaningful Storytelling
Finding the rhythm in an action sequence is vital to keeping your viewers connected. From understanding pacing and flow to creating the emotional impact desired – we make all the pieces fit.